Photography is a world of magic,
and I live in it

As a photographer, I put my heart and soul into every wedding to turn images into cherished memories. Chances are you’ll find me with a smile on my face and a tear in my eye as the couple makes their wedding vows. Ultimately, beautiful memories become heirlooms that are passed on generation to generation. Capturing memories that will last a lifetime is an honor, and I’m grateful for the trust that has been placed in me by every couple.


He was a boisterous, outgoing man with a 1000-watt smile and she was all sweetness and light on the day these two tied the knot in a beautiful wedding ceremony which highlighted his Scottish heritage. The groom and his men wore traditional kilts, while the bride looked elegant and graceful as ever in a gown of white silk.



These two, for me, define perfection in every sense of the word. He is a sweet, handsome young businessman. She a beautiful and talented singer, with such a sweet sense of humor and lightness in her life. They are like two shining stars, casting their light on every person that comes into their life, and as their wedding photographer I was thrilled to be their as they made their vows of lifelong love...



They were childhood best buddies, and had spent many summers with their families at the hunting lodge in Rockport, Texas. The quiet roads, calm woods and serene lake surrounding it made out to be the perfect setting to capture the essence of their sweet romance, which, like the lodge itself, had its roots intertwined in their adolescence.

Crystal has been taking pictures for as long as she can remember, and has been working as a professional wedding photographer for over a decade. She has photographed countless weddings all over Texas, and has a successful track record of producing stunning + timeless images to her very happy brides. Her years of experience and friendly, personable nature create an environment for her to document the day in a warm and natural way. She puts everyone in front of her camera at ease, and it shows in their natural, candid expressions. With a background in art + photography, Crystal brings her artistic eye and strong interpersonal skills to each wedding to ensure beautiful, intimate and meaningful images are the result of your celebration. Crystal lives with her husband and their little girl, and loves travel, yoga and dancing.


I am a south Texas wedding photographer based in Corpus Christi who happily serves all of Texas with the utmost care. My hope is to capture beautiful images that tell your story in an inspiring+creative way.


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